Who We Are

The diagnosis of cancer is devastating, and when the patient is a child, the whole family along with the other children in the family, suffer.

The Health and Hope Oasis (HHO) materialized as a pillar of strength in the tranquil Wadi El Nartun, located in the Governorate of Behira, signifying an essential development in the endeavors of the Friends of Children with Cancer (FOCC). Founded in 1992, FOCC initially dedicated its efforts to subsidizing medications for children with cancer from economically challenged families, facilitated through governmental medical institutions. Over the years, the organization’s mission evolved to include a supportive care center, aimed at boosting the chances of recovery for these children and offering comfort to their families.

A collaborative effort, FOCC, alongside Care with Love and the benevolent farm owner, led to the creation of HHO, the first supportive care center of its kind for children with cancer and their families. The establishment of this haven was made possible by the generous donations from the Friends of FOCC, who provided the necessary funds for its construction and ongoing operations.

As the legal entity in charge, Friends of Children with Cancer is entrusted with the comprehensive management of HHO, overseeing all operational, financial, and legal aspects, maintaining their unwavering dedication to fostering an environment of healing and hope for young cancer patients.