Camps and Retreats

In the heart of the green fields, Health and Hope Oasis offers an idyllic setting for Camps and Retreats. The serene environment, away from the city life, provides a perfect backdrop for introspection, brainstorming, and team-building activities. The farm grounds are ideal for outdoor workshops and breakout sessions. While indoors, you will be provided with a well equipped conference room. Fresh, farm meals provide nourishment for the body and mind, while evening tranquility under the starlit sky offers opportunities for relaxation and informal networking.

The health and Hope Oasis is tucked away in a tranquil location. The place offers camps a serene environment that is perfect for yoga, meditation, sports enhancing skills and fostering team spirit.. Our facilities include a full-sized, well-maintained football field that can accommodate 5 players on each side, ideal for practice matches and drills, sand courts for volleyball and dodgeball, fostering friendly competition and camaraderie, as well as a dedicated bicycle track and a jogging path for outdoor enthusiasts, indoor and outdoor spaces for yoga, meditation, and engaging children’s activities. The comfortable accommodations that reflect the rustic charm provide basic amenities. The perfect setting to focus away from the distractions of everyday life.

Here’s a list of the facilities at the Oasis:
• 60 comfortable hosting units, each accommodating 3 to 5 persons.
• The Multipurpose Rooms: Two versatile rooms with a capacity of 80-100 persons for various events and gatherings.
• The Dining Room: can accommodate up to 200 persons.
• The Educational Kitchen: A space designed for culinary learning and activities.
• Playground Changing Rooms (vestiaire).
• Playgrounds Area and Shooting Fountain.
• Bike Tracks: Tracks for cycling enthusiasts.
• Jogging Track.
• A Farm .

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