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Donate Thank you for considering a donation to the Health and Hope Oasis! Your support makes a significant impact on the lives of children with cancer and their families. Here are ways you can contribute:

InstaPay or Bank Transfer
You can donate directly through InstaPay or by bank transfer.

Bank Name: Banque Misr, Cairo Branch
Account Name: Friends of Children with Cancer
Account #: 1010199000000800

If you are in the USA, please click here.

Children Toys
We welcome donations of children toys in good condition. These bring joy to our young patients during their stay.

Please Contact:
Tel.: ‪+2 0122-224-3908

Tailoring Your Donations: Making a Difference

When it comes to contributing to meaningful causes, you have the power to choose where your donations make the most impact.

Cancer Treatment Medicine Fund:
By directing your donation here, you directly support individuals battling cancer.
These funds are used to provide essential medications, treatments, and care.
When making your transaction, please specify that your donation is intended for cancer treatment medicine.

You can contribute with your Oshour or Zakat or any additional donations.
Please note that this type of donation is considered Zakat (ذكاة), as confirmed by Egypt's DAR Al-Ifta (دار الإفتاء المصرية).

Locked Endowment for Oasis Support:
An endowment is a lasting legacy. To put it in simple words, an endowment is when a donor makes a gift and specifies that this gift is to be invested and not directly spent. 

When you contribute to the locked endowment, your funds become a perpetual source of support for our oasis.

This type of donation is considered sadaqah jariyah (صدقة جارية), ensuring ongoing assistance for generations to come.

Remember to indicate that your donation is for the locked endowment when completing the transaction.

Sponsorship for Children and Families:
For a more personal impact, consider sponsoring a child or an entire family at the oasis. A sponsorship of 1,000 Egyptian pounds covers the expenses for a child, while 4,000 Egyptian pounds supports a family of four.

Your sponsorship provides nutrition and a nurturing environment. Specify “child sponsorship” or “family sponsorship” during the transaction to allocate your donation accordingly.