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International Childhood Cancer Day February 2024

A heartwarming Day at the Health and Hope Oasis for the International Childhood Cancer Day! The sun smiled down on us as we came together to support our little warriors and their families.

The Little Warriors stole our hearts! Their laughters echoed through the gardens as they painted, played games, and danced.

Each smile was a victory against adversity.

The Community Development Association East Degla participated in the events of the Health and Hope Oasis.
October 2023

The association donated T-shirts and colorful dyes, teaching the children how to create tie-dye designs on the shirts. Dr. Mahmoud Abu Haddia and Ms. Shahira also participated in teaching the children at the oasis how to make kites. The director of Super Kids Nursery and some of its staff members joined in this beautiful day, bringing joy to the children with cancer and their families.

Playtime with Lycée Français 101
September 2021

The volunteers from Lycée Français 101 dedicated their time to brightening the days of our young cancer patients at the Health and Hope Oasis. They engaged in playful activities, from storytelling and art projects to outdoor games. Lycée Français 101 has become an integral part of our supportive community, spreading joy and hope.

Renowned drummer Chris DeRosa, visited the Health and Hope Oasis to entertain the kids.
December 2011

His lively tunes filled the air, captivating young hearts. The children clapped, swayed, and even tried their hand at improvised rhythms. It was a harmonious blend of music, laughter and communication.

Music artist Sammy Youssef visited the Health and Hope Oasis
June 2011

Sammy Youssef brought joy and inspiration to the children. With his guitar in hand, Sammy Youssef led an unforgettable sing-along session. It was a celebration of hope, dreams and the power of music.