What We Do

Health Awareness Programs

for Children and Families:

* Hygiene for Infection Control: Educating children and their families about proper hygiene practices to prevent infections.

* Balanced Low-Cost Egyptian Meals: Providing nutritious meals that are affordable and cater to local dietary needs.

* Emotional Wellbeing Programs: Engaging children through games, sports, arts and crafts to promote emotional health.

Capacity Building

for the FOCC Team:

* Administration: Strengthening administrative processes to efficiently manage the operations.

* Finance: Enhancing financial management skills for sustainable growth.

* Human Resources: Developing HR capabilities to support the team.

* Volunteers Coordination: Facilitating effective collaboration among volunteers.

The Farm and the Barn (Dairy Farm)

* Fruits, Vegetables, and Grains Production: Cultivating crops to provide fresh produce.

* Dairy Animals: These animals yield milk and milk products, benefiting the children.

* Surplus Produce Sales: Selling excess produce to support the needs of the children.

The Health and Hope Oasis Provides:

Clean Environment
for Children with Cancer: A serene space where young patients can recover, surrounded by trees.

Support Center for Families
Assisting families in coping with the financial and emotional challenges of the disease.

Volunteer Opportunities
A place where committed volunteers can contribute meaningfully.
Educational Platform
Affluent school children learn about social responsibility.

Empowering Low-Income Communities
School children from Wadi El Nartun discover their ability to make a difference.

This holistic approach creates a positive impact on the lives of children, families and the community.