HHO Facilities

Health and Hope Oasis is in Wadi El Natrun region, halfway between Cairo and Alexandria. Wadi El Natrun, also known as the Valley of Salt, spans approximately 60 kilometers, and holds historical significance.

Health and Hope Oasis in Wadi El Natroun serves as Egypt's first supportive care center for children with cancer and their families. The oasis provides essential services and a nurturing environment for those facing the challenges of childhood cancer.

Here’s a list of the facilities at the Oasis:
60 comfortable hosting units, each accommodating 3 to 5 persons.
The Multipurpose Rooms: Two versatile rooms with a capacity of 80-100 persons for various events and gatherings.
The Main Kitchen: The heart of food preparation and cooking.
The Dining Room: can accommodate up to 200 persons.
The Educational Kitchen: A space designed for culinary learning and activities.
The Main Laundry.
Playground Changing Rooms (vestiaire): Convenient areas for changing near the playgrounds.
Playgrounds Area and Shooting Fountain: Outdoor play spaces and a delightful water fountain.
Bike Tracks: Tracks for cycling enthusiasts.
Jogging Track.
Main Parking Area: Parking space for visitors and staff.
The Children's Farm: A special area where children can learn about farming and interact with animals.

We also have:
• Two buildings that provide office space, meeting rooms, housing for staff to live in, and changing rooms for the day staff.
• The Water Tower and Fire Water Tank which are filled from an underground well.
• Desalination unit that provides safe drinking water.
• Multiple storage Areas: Dedicated spaces for storing supplies and equipment.
• Outdoor bathrooms and hand washing stations.